Today's Special- South Side Sensation! - On bread of choice, panini style, roast turkey, spinach, pesto, cheddar cheese, tomato, red onion & ranch dressing with onion rings $9.99...Add Bacon $1.00. Check Out August's Specials! ...SUMMER SOLSTICE- 1/2 Sandwich (Cold) & "Small" Salad (Green) $7.49...SOUP SEASON IS OVER! ICE CREAM IS HERE!....AUGUST SPECIALS- The Sante Fe - On bread or wrap of choice a salsa wrapped filet of turkey w/ honey mustard, lettuce, tomato, swiss cheese with fries $9.99...SUMMER SALAD - On a bed of spring mix, marinated Korean BBQ steak beef tips, red onion, roasted red peppers, sliced tomato, cucumbers & feta cheese with dressing of choice Small $ 8.99 Large $ 10.99...Cookie Of The Month - Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cookies with Mini Marshmallows & White chocolate chips! ...NEW BREAKFAST WRAPS- #5- Scrambled eggs, spinach, Feta cheese, grilled mushrooms & craisins $6.75...#6- Scrambled eggs, sun dried tomato, avacado & cheddar cheese $5.99...#7- 2 eggs, black bean hummus, avocado, Salsa & cheddar cheese $5.99...#8- 2 eggs, black olives, feta, roasted red peppers with choice of meat $6.75.

Colonel Mustard

- Egg, choice of meat, cheddar cheese, & brown sugar mustard on a bagel grilled panini style $5.59

Bagelicious Western

- Western with diced tomato, peppers, onions, cheddar cheese on bagel of choice $5.59 Add ham, sausage or bacon 1.00

Muenster Mash

- Ham, egg, muenster cheese, avocado on your favorite bagel.. $5.59